Master Key Week 8 – On Masterminding

I’d been having difficulty getting myself back on track since “falling off the wagon” as it were. Sundays are family days for me (we go to my in-laws for dinner every week), so I’ve never been able to watch the full webinar when it is first broadcast. That meant that I’ve missed all the masterminding sessions.

This week…just yesterday, in fact…my “MKMMA tribe” had a group call; essentially, it was our own small-scale mastermind. Suddenly the people on whose blogs I’ve been commenting, and those people in the alliances who provide random questions or assistance, became real. I no longer feel like I’m doing it on my own and nobody *really* cares whether I complete it or not (except myself, of course), and that nobody would notice if I just dropped out of the program (apparently my own tribe dropped from 14 to 10 people…could I tell you who disappeared? Nope.)

Now there are faces, voices, and personalities associated with those names. Now I’m not doing this by myself. Yes, I’m still doing this for myself, but nobody wants to be the one not keeping pace with the group, pulling it all behind; so, suddenly I feel inspired to do better, to discover what “my best” really can be.

I look forward to the masterminding part of the MKMMA. I prefer working with other people whenever possible, so I feel good that this next phase will suit my learning style better than anything else so far. Bring it on!!!  🙂


8 thoughts on “Master Key Week 8 – On Masterminding

  1. Larry Thompson

    It’s an old cliche, but you’re never alone. I too have the same Sunday challenge. Between Church and family the day is jack’d. I can usually squeeze little bits of the Sunday MKMMA webcast between dinner prep, but it’s always a Monday morning watch for me.
    Keep at it. It’s always worth it!


  2. mkmmaasambush

    Everybody inspires everyone else – through both their struggles and their progress…thank you, and keep being encouraged and know you are supported! 🙂


  3. Chris

    I’m happy to hear that you’re getting back on track. It’s been a bit of a challenge for me to get on all the Sunday webinars as well. There is a lot of support here and think about all that you’re learning and all that you can share. Have a great week!


  4. Stephen Serna

    Very Cool Renu…I am so glad that you enjoyed the group call. I really enjoy interacting with the group and listening to your progress and all of the great things you all are doing to change the world. 🙂



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