Master Key Week 9 – Oy!

If I thought the previous weeks had been busy, I didn’t know what busy meant! I seriously haven’t known whether I’m coming or going this week!

I been picking up the pace in my business – this week I was booked solid with appointments or networking meetings or the like from pretty much the minute the kids leave the house until (or after) they return from school. That makes the afternoon read a challenge, but not enough to make me stress out over it.

Then start making dinner, feed the family, hubby and I split taking the kids to various evening activities, and he does the dishes and bedtime/storytime; so I can usually find an hour or so for myself. Not this week. My dear husband has been running himself ragged at work and with church committees for the last few weeks, so I have had all the duties for both of us…Now I’m been lucky if I can scrape five minutes for myself before crashing in exhaustion! Yesterday I tried to write a blog post for my business site and I fell asleep with my iPad in my hands.

Thank goodness it’s Friday! At least I can stay up a little late to catch up on reading some other blogs and to do this post…I’ll be able to sleep in tomorrow.

So I’m continuing to plug away. I’m grateful that there’s no webinar this week…I hope this will give me the breather I need to catch up! I’ve mentioned before that I’ve given up feeling guilty about this kind of thing a long time ago. I have appreciated through my time as a dietitian that beating yourself up over past mistakes only leads you to feel like you are incapable of making the changes you’ve set out for yourself, which then leads to eventually giving up. I always have taught my clients that your very next meal is another chance to do it right. So, I know if I’ve missed a reading, I’ll have another chance to get one in. There are no end of chances to do it right.

I have no problem looking at the Gal in the Glass…we both know that I’m doing the best I know how to do.



9 thoughts on “Master Key Week 9 – Oy!

  1. mkmmaasambush

    Hey congrats on having so many meeting for your business! Keep on doing your best and you’ll do great! 🙂 Thank you for sharing and inspiring the rest of us busy folks.


    1. Renu Post author

      So far they are mainly networking meetings, but they are valuable nonetheless. Building the foundation now for a bigger pay-off in the (near, I hope!) future. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Renu Post author

      Thanks, Terrence. When you’re struggling to get it all done, one doesn’t feel very “inspiring”…but if I can help anyone else keep at it, despite not being perfect (or anywhere near it), then I’m accomplishing my goal.



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