Master Key Week 10 – I will persist until I succeed

This post is just going to cover a few small observations that I’ve been taking note of over the past few days or weeks.

I finally feel like I’m getting back on track! I think having a week without a webinar helped…each time something new was added when I hadn’t completed the old was beginning to create some overwhelm. This week I decided to tackle one small thing each day to gradually get caught up. Not (anywhere near) there yet, but if we have a few more weeks without the requirement to add additional time to complete something new, my chances of me eventually getting there get better and better!

I persist until I succeed. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank heavens for masterminding! As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I know myself well enough to recognize that I am often more “externally” motivated than “internally” motivated…the last few days that I have made a conscious effort to decide on a goal and then send it to my mastermind partner, I’ve managed to get it done. These same goals have been on my to-do list for weeks, but in making myself accountable to someone else to do it, I was substantially more motivated to accomplish it.

And while I may be on-and-off with completing a number of the course requirements, still nothing has impacted me more than these two concepts which I have mentioned before, but which are worthy of repeating. One, you’re always training your subconscious…you’re either training it to pursue your goals, or you’re training it to give up. Despite me knowing that I haven’t been able to complete all the course requirements the way I would like to have, making me feel that I am “behind” the rest of the class, I’m going to see this through to the end. I will persist until I succeed.

The second is that anything I put on an index card that has a date on it gets done. A few weeks ago I put on the rather simple chore of getting a police record check to volunteer at my kids’ school. It had been on my to-do list for a few months, so I thought using it as my service for my card would kill two birds with one stone. Wow, was it a royal pain to get it done! I won’t repeat the whole story. If you’re interested in hearing about the ups and downs, you can read this post which described it. When the post was written, though, I hadn’t completed it as yet. Even more obstacles were put in my way, but I finally submittedย it before going out to dinner on the SUNDAY NIGHT. Talk about cutting it close! But the exhilaration I felt after completing that supposed-to-be silly little task was unbelievable! Mark has said that when we read aloud our completed tasks we should be as excited as though we had won the superbowl. And that’s exactly how I felt. And still feel.IMG_20151122_161901

So the following week, I upped my game to another chore that’s been on my to-do list for much, much, longer. Not a hard chore, nor especially time-consuming, but tedious and almost pointless. Handwashing. I have had a basket of clothes that have needed to be handwashed for years. Normally I’d just throw clothes that say handwash into the gentle cycle, but these are Indian clothes that one would wear underneath a sari…translation, the colours bleed like nobody’s business! I’d have to run each piece separately so they don’t damage each other. Ugh! There was a time when I was wearing my saris very frequently because I was going to so many weddings. I haven’t been to a wedding where I’d need a sari in years, so there hasn’t been any sense of urgency to get this task done.

With it on my index card, however, I was driven to get it done. Was my subconscious making it easier to do? Or am I still consciously choosing to make sure that my subconscious is programmed appropriately? Can’t be sure yet…at least my subconscious isn’t sabotaging my desire to get the job done. Wherever I’m at, I’m really enjoying the rush of peptides that completing these tasks has been providing!

Just for fun, I’ve included a picture of the completed handwashing all hanging to dry. “I will persist and I will win.” ๐Ÿ™‚


5 thoughts on “Master Key Week 10 – I will persist until I succeed

  1. mkmmaasambush

    It’s nice to find someone who, like me, has used the index card and promises to get a long-standing to-do list chore/service completed! Congrats on your completion!!!


  2. Stephen Serna

    NICE!!! a couple of really great observations here Renu. no one makes it without a mastermind…great work on that and I do the same thing as far as tasks that should have been done long ago…I put it on my service card and presto, it is done and you are absolutely right it is a great rush and it clears my mind for more important things. ๐Ÿ™‚



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