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Master Key Week 7 – on Promises

“If you’re not going to see it through to the end, then don’t start; either you’re teaching your subconscious the habit of perserverence, or the habit of quitting.” I’m paraphrasing because I don’t remember the exact quote, but it’s the message that has stuck with me the strongest since beginning this  program. 

These last couple of weeks have been very hard for me, and to be quite honest, I haven’t been able to keep up. I’m not going to complain that the course is too demanding…it is what it is. I am completely aware that every part of it works in synergy with everything else. It would not be nearly as effective if it were not throwing in every possible mechanism to retrain the subconscious as possible. I just have happened to hit the busiest time in my professional life that I can ever remember experiencing. 

Two weeks ago I literally walked away from my career as a registered dietitian to open my doors as an energy practitioner using a technique nobody has ever heard of before because a colleague and I developed it together. So, now I’m trying to build a brand new business from scratch, with the added pressure of having to convince all my skeptical friends and family (including my husband!) that leaving dietetics was a good thing for me, and that given some time, I’ll actually be able to make money in my new career. 

Two weeks ago, my partner and I also (finally) managed to have published our book on the Trigger Release Method (see my Press Release for details) which outlines this technique. We’re holding our book launch in two days, and after that it’s full speed ahead to start filling our practitioner training course. 

And somewhere in there, I’m still a wife and mother of two young kids, getting dinner on the table and trucking kids to and from extra-curriculars. 

I’m swamped. I hear about others with their busy careers and wonder how they get through it all. 

I gave up feeling guilty about not being perfect long ago, though. I am doing the very best I possibly can. I don’t watch TV. I don’t surf the web. I don’t spend time shopping for anything other than groceries. I don’t play computer games. It took me a week to watch a movie on Netflix last week because I watched it in bits while cooking dinners. My biggest “vice” is reading the newspaper! Everyone needs some downtime…

So that brings me to “promises”. I’ve promised myself that I will see this course through to the end, and I will. Everything with a date on it on my service card gets done. This week I decided that I was going to finally get around to getting a police record check so I can volunteer at my kids’ school. I filled out the form and took it to the station on Wednesday, where the told me the form had been updated, so I needed to get the new one from the school. So, I trouped to the school where, indeed, they had new new forms on hand. Back to the police station on Thursday, where I’m now told that there is also a cover letter that is now supposed to accompany the form. Called the school, and yes, it turns out they do have one of those which will be sent home via my daughter. Tomorrow, I will be back to the police station. It’s on the index card and has a date. It WILL be done. 

I know I’m picking up good habits (and the skills to learn good habits!), so while things are difficult now, I will continue to follow along and absorb as much as I can. 

I’m a pretty capable person who doesn’t generally like to admit to feeling overwhelmed, but if this post can help anyone else who is struggling to get it all done, I want you to know you’re not alone. I’m quite sure I’m not the only one. 🙂


Master Key Week 3 – the week all hell broke loose

Ain’t gonna lie…this week was an utter disaster for me with respect to this course. I had so many commitments pulling me every which way, I had next to zero time for myself.

I went to an out-of-town wedding (8+ hours of driving each way), and while I was there I spent the whole time visiting friends I hadn’t seen in a very long time. (Which was totally awesome, BTW!)  Unfortunately, however, my husband is not particularly supportive of this type of work in general, and I had no desire or intention to loudly read my DMP (or anything else) while he was around, so it was all I could do to manage to sneak in a couple of chore cards while he was getting gas, and some other readings while he was in the shower. At one point he went for a nap and I went out to belt out my DMP in the car. 🙂

Upon my return I also needed to spend time with my cousin in hospital; and it was Canadian Thanksgiving so I had obligations to cook and go visiting relatives;  all this left me behind on the webinars, too.

So yup, this week was a write-off.

Thank heavens things have finally settled down again! I’m quite proud to say that I’ve managed to catch up on most of the webinars (still working through some of the digital connections) and have been back on track with all the homework for the past 2 days. Even completed my chore for the week this afternoon!

All of this is to say that I don’t really have any insight to offer this week. I’m not feeling guilty about any of this because I know I’m doing my best (not just the best I can), and I also know that we all have weeks like this where life spins a little out of control. I do want to apologize to anyone who has begun to follow my blog, first, because I do actually want to provide something insightful and/or interesting for you to read (my pity-party hardly qualifies as either!) and second, I haven’t had the time to look at any of your blogs to return the favour. Please be patient…I most certainly intend to as soon as I am able.

Until next week!


Week 2 – on Meditation

This week, the major challenge for me was the 15 minute meditation time. Last week, all we had to do was sit completely still, commanding full control of our bodies, for 15 minutes. The first couple of days while I was trying figure out what I was going to do for a timer were a bit difficult (not certain of how well the timer was supposed to work made me jumpy over the idea that I’d go too long or two short.) but once I got that figured out, it was a breeze.  In fact, by the end I’d be startled at how quick the 15min were up!

This week was surprisingly different. This time, we are expected to block out all thought while we meditate. Do you have any idea how hard it is to think of NOTHING? After a few successful seconds my brain went “Hey, that was great! I’m not thinking of anything!”…followed by “Damn! Stop thinking!” The first day was so difficult that after about the 10 minute mark I found my whole body start to itch uncontrollably! I don’t know what was going on, but I needed to cut that session short…I just couldn’t take it.

Since then, I’m pleased and surprised to say that it has indeed gotten better. I can go much longer periods of time before a stray thought works its way into my mind, and I don’t seem to have as many ants in my pants…I can sit for the whole 15min. I will say, however, that despite developing better control of myself during this, the experience really feels like a lot of work once again. The time just drags on! I won’t lie and say that I always last the full 15 min each time (it’s just so boring!) so I’m really looking forward to next week which Haanel suggests will be more interesting.

Here’s hoping! Until next week! 🙂


Master Key Week 1

So many things that piqued my interest this week that I don’t even know where to begin!

The first thing I’d like to say is a huge “Thank You” to Cassandra O’Neil who sent me a quick message seemingly out of the blue suggesting I consider this course only a couple of short weeks ago. I knew nothing about it before then, and wasn’t even looking for something new to add to my already rather full schedule, but I’m so glad I took the time to listen to that first video because now I’m convinced that this has come into my life at exactly the right time in my journey.

What got me first…the whole concept of “pay-it-forward” just resonated more than I can express. I am skeptical by nature, so I don’t quickly rush into buying programs just because of well done advertising. The fact that this is a scholarship program – you can’t buy your way in – paid for by previous graduates, speaks volumes more than any ad could. That previous classes got so much out of it every step of the way that they would contribute the money necessary for the next class to take the course is awe-inspiring. I knew right away that this was a group I wanted to be a part of.

Now that we’re into it, I’m very pleased and excited about all of the new things I’ve already learned, and even just the way the course is structured and run.

The course is all about reprogramming the subconscious – understanding how to do so – to achieve anything we desire. In my “day job” I also do a lot of work with the subconscious, but from a different perspective. This method is suddenly filling in gaps in my understanding, and I’m so excited by it! The most fascinating phrase I heard was “the subconscious has no defence against the sound of your own voice”. Not something I had really encountered before, but it makes so much sense! Had I not understood that, I might have felt uncomfortable about the amount of reading we are expecting to do out loud…I may have tried to get away with reading it in my head “with emotion”… but now I positively look forward to it!

And doing the various readings every day, three times a day for a couple of them, makes sense. So far so good, but it’s only been 3 days, so I can only hope I don’t get bored of them too soon! It helps that I actually like the readings, although, to be honest, the Master Key Lesson is rather tedious. Thank goodness we only have to read that one once per day!

Looking forward to see what the next week has in store. Until next time!